Power Generation

Gruyere Power Station


LocationGruyere, WA
ClientClarke Energy
Project ScopeElectrical & instrumentation supply and installation
Duration6 months
Value AddedUndisclosed

The power generation site consisted of the installation of HV, LV, Instrumentation, HA and Commissioning support. All personnel involved from WA, SA, NSW and QLD have done an exceptional job. The professionalism shown by PHE employees both onsite and offsite has been recognised by both the client and new personnel during these works. Thank you to all who have contributed to the project and all efforts have been appreciated.

“Here at Gruyere and just wanted to let you know how impressive the standard of work is and the way the guys have gone about the job. They are always positive, and work with a can-do attitude. All the PHE team have been excellent and a pleasure to work with.”

– Clarke Energy representative