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PHE is a family owned company that is proud of its people, our company values and our reputation. At PHE we recruit people that are able to uphold our Core Values and goals with an attitude for success.

Safety – Employee’s safety is our number 1 priority. At PHE, safety comes in a can… I Can, You Can, We Can be Safe.

Customer / Client Focus – Listen to our customers and clients to build relationships so that we can better understand their needs to provide them with the very best service.

People Development – Encourage people to be the best they can be and take advantage of opportunities to learn, grow and support others in their development. Our success depends on having the right people, in the right position with the right attitude.

Continuous Improvement – Be positive and open to new ideas, listen to others, share ideas and measure progress which will lead to better results. Continually look at ways of doing things better and more efficiently.

Hard Work and Performance – Be persistent and always have a go and make things happen, if you promise something, do it. Enjoy what you do.

Lead by Example and Take Responsibility – Always lead by example and set high standards. Take responsibility for your actions and results. Don’t blame others when things go wrong.

Team Work and Respect – Work together and never let your team mates down. Show respect for all points of view and understand all facts before passing judgement. Support decisions made.

Honesty and Integrity – Be honest, behave ethically, act with integrity, make your word your bond.

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